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Spoken Soul Festival


Learn more about Deborah's award winning Spoken Soul Festival, a 3 day festival that supports women artists, in celebration of the international holiday SWAN Day.


Deborah Magdalena LOVE ADDICT - MICRO

Deborah Magdalena at the Koubek Center


The phenomenal Deborah Magdalena is performing in the play "Love Addiction the Emotional Suicide of Funkdalena" at the Koubek Center until October 14. This is a 15 minute play, done in the MICROTheater style. A concept which originated in Spain, MICROTheater consists of 15 minute plays presented to an audience of no more than 15, where the audiences interacts with the performers. Magdalena’s play is based on her poem "Love Addiction" from her chapbook, Heartbreak Haiku.

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Pix By JC Photography


Deborah Magdalena - FUNKdalena

Flavor For Your Ear - FUNKdalena

The state of music today to describe it intricately is well-eh! The music industry no longer invests let alone cultivates artists. Gone are the days of gatekeepers; great for independent artists who have mastered the art of self-promotion, bad for established industry veterans of the corporate record labels. Most “Artists” now-a-days are caught between two categories the latest YouTube sensation and the Artist who just doesn’t know how to bow out gracefully. Thus ultimately being pushed out the door, Or as of late ending tragically as the latest TMZ dead celebrity headline. Whatever side of the music industry any artist stands on ultimately they both usually suffer the same common tragic faith-The lack of authenticity and honesty in their music. Sadly the intimacy in music as of late has been limited to Adele albums but mostly gone like the days of the king of pop. For Puerto Rican artist Deborah Magdalena that problem is none existent, quite the contrary actually..... Read More

Soul of Miami GHets FUNKed

Soul of Miami Got FUNKed ...

Photo Gallery of FUNKdalena CD Release Party and Special Performance at The Stage

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FUNKdalena PerformanceDeborah Magdalena

Tonight At The Stage in the Miami Design District

The beautiful, incredibly talented Deborah Magdalena will perform tonight at The Stage in the Miami Design District. Her brother, Latin Grammy winner jazz flutist, Nestor Torres, Puerto Rican icon, singer Ruth Fernandez, Don Nestor, Antonia Jenaé and Kinetic, are among the guests artists. Deborah Magdalena’s new album, Funkdalena, which includes her new song, Diosa, was produced by her long- time collaborator, The Brass King. Inspiration for the album came from Eddie Palmieri, Jimmy Smiths, Roy Ayers, Tanya Gardner, Danny Hathway, and Earth Wind & Fire, whose music has successfully been re-mixed, meshed, composed and rearranged to give it her special signature along with his seal.

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FUNKdalena Cover


Her first album in 10 years which is inspired by theological experiences, love addiction, redemption from an emotional suicide and 70’s Latin Soul music, the Puerto Rican actress/poet - who calls Miami home - Deborah Magdalena gave birth to FUNKdalena.


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How Do We Build Diversity Within The Poetry Community?

Spoken Vizions Magazine Cover

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Best Place to Meet Intelligent Women  2012 - SWAN Spoken Soul Festival

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Miami Artists Antonia Wright and Deborah Magdalena Find Inspiration in Local Women's Shelters

Miami New Times

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Spoken Word Showcase – Deborah Magdalena 

Deborah Magdalena as LA LUPE


I've not come across many performers who can match the intensity & passion of spoken word artist Deborah Magdalena. She never disappoints and is always a pleasure to record. . .see for yourselves in this tribute to La Lupe at the Raleigh Hotel's Alma Lounge (also featuring The Brass King & Karina Iglesias)  

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SWAN Day Interview With Deborah Magdalena Organizer of Miami's Spoken Soul Festival

Spoken Soul Festival Logo


Deborah Magdalena, spoken word artist and producer of Miami’s second annual SWAN Day Spoken Soul Festival, talks to Deborah Steinberg of The Fund for Women Artists about the successes and challenges of putting on an eclectic multi-media event, her response to President Obama’s call for community organizing, and women who inspire her.

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What is Spoken Soul Festival - 2012

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Spoken Word Artist Deborah Magdalena
LN Mas ... Underground: Discover the art of Spoken Word with Miami poetess, Deborah Magdalena.

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Deborah Magdalena Press Binder

Living & Arts CoverOcean Drive Magazine - Beach Patrol

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THE RAW TRUTH DM fell for the Hollywood promises of movie roles and stardom. She packed up her Eleggua, her good luck cross, her press kit, and her white Manchester terrier, Shaquina, and she left Miami for the City of Angels.

There, she did everything you're supposed to do if you want to be a working actress. She learned the lingo, slaved over auditions, networked, power walked, meditated, weaned herself away from the safe confines of her Miami hub. She worked on herself, inside and out.

I remember the night she invited me to her ''movement class'' in Santa Monica.

''It's very soothing. You'll absolutely love it,'' she promised. I envisioned one of those experiences they describe in spa magazines, a relaxing evening of gentle, guided stretches in serene anonymity.

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Latina Poet Deborah Magdalena Bares Her Spoken Soul

Spoken Soul CD Photo ShootFROM THE BIG SCREEN TO THE SPOKEN WORD SCENE Latina Poet Deborah Magdalena Bares Her Spoken Soul. Whether she's hosting a spoken word event, or playing a santera, a deputy, comedic characters, or a vixen, Deborah Magdalena brings authenticity and panache to the stage and screen. Now she intends to bare her poetic soul in her first spoken word CD Spoken Soul: A Survival Kit of Poetry.

One of her famed producers states - Deborah is soul, everything she does has soul. When I heard her poetry for the first time it was spoken soul. It was something I had never heard or witnessed before says Brandon Olmos“ son of Hollywood legend Edward James Olmos.


"She carries with her a warm heart and refreshing vitality that is always a pleasure to be associated with." said Andy Garcia on working with Deborah.

Photo By Rafael Balcazar

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